With new projects it is wise to draw on the history of those who have gone before us. We study, research and prepare the best possible way forward. Although, until you put all this into action there is no way to truly discover what will work. This takes risk and hard work. Even with Covid19 and a government shut down we found these best practices for our home rebuilds. Naturally they will shift over time as the Karis Widows project expands, which is in the works at this writing. Our next phase is 6 homes per year followed by ten, ultimately developing Karis Communities in 5 regions of Nicaragua. Which are small safe and secure communities for widows and single mothers helping each other. 

Maria's New Home
Maria's New Home


Byron & Marcie
Byron & Marcie

Maria's New Home
Maria's New Home



We have completed three homes to date, have a Nicaraguan construction company in place, an onsite manager and a direct connect with pastors and community leaders who help us discover these amazing women in need. Now it's time to take the Karis Widows to 6 homes a year. To accomplish this goal we have to raise $77,500. Of this amount we need to raise $69,100. Your sponsorship of Karis Widows is much needed.



Each home rebuild costs on average $13,000 from start to finish. All labor, materials and construction management are handled by locals in that region. We have discovered the need to keep finances in country and use local labor and materials. In the past, we would bring teams from the United States thinking that it would be less expensive to build, and this is true. The overall cost to rebuild a widows home is less when we bring teams, but what message does it send to the local people? From this we learned several life lessons;

1. Here in the USA we don't build the same way they do. It required more time and effort because we don't know their system of building. We had to hire local help to correct problems which we wouldn't have if we had hired them in the first place.

If you invite 10 people to come to Nicaragua to build a home each person will pay, on average, $1500 for the trip. That's a total of $15,000. This doesn't include materials and extra labor costs to train these 10 how to build a home in Nicaragua. Our costs total $13,000 per home, on average, from start to finish. One church, business or organization could pay for one home a year and help the greater community in Nicaragua.

2. Every time we brought labor from outside the country we were taking income from the local Nicaraguans. What message was this sending to those we were desiring to help? We learned it is far better to keep all labor, materials and construction management in Nicaragua thereby increasing financial stability for the community. Which has become a side benefit of the Karis Widows. 

3. Our on-site manager Jerenia is far better suited to connect with the pastors and community leaders as well meet personally with the widows who need a home.



Your gift helps provide a widow a safe and secure home, local labor and suppliers gain income which is then poured back into the community as a whole. Your gift is creating far more than one home rebuild. It is creating economic increase and stability. Karis Widows is a project of Build HIs House or BHH. We are a nonprofit 501.c3. All donations are tax deductible. When you give to the Karis Widows it goes directly into the fulfillment of the next phase of building 6 homes a year. 

Please join us as we raise the needed funds for our next 6 homes. Thanks for considering. 

Your generosity is a big part of what makes BHH possible and we greatly appreciate it! 

Thank You Gift

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When you give a monthly gift to help rebuild a widows home we'd like to send you a gift from BHH as a thank you for making her world better! If you would like this gift please email our Administrator at:


Several years ago, I began writing what I called, Love Notes From Dad. They have become a part of our meetings as we travel. They are simple expressions of how I believe the Father speaks of us and sees us from a heavenly point of view. It was then that Crystal had the great idea to take these and create a daily devotional series. With five days for each Love Note. Allowing you to go deeper and hear the heartbeat of the Father for you through practical exercises, scripture, meditation and more. Crystal and I pray you will enjoy these moments with Dad and discover his abundant love for you as you search his heart through these love notes to you.