Your Gift Reaches the World!

BHH or Build His House began as a vision in our hearts to help build and release people into their fullest potential. To equip each person to hear the Father and activate what they hear in their daily life. If you have wandered through the pages on this website, seen a Spirit Walkers Event or listened to the New Era Explorers podcast then you have read or heard me say that your voice counts. You are vital to the kingdom of God. 

All of our events are free. We don't charge to spend to time with the Father. Wherever God takes us, from across town to various nations we do not charge. This is why your donation to BHH is important. Your gift to BHH affects numerous lives around the world. Through our Spirit Walker Events online and face to face your gift provides the access to continue giving our hearts to others for free. With one online event we were able to reach 30,000 people. Our Sponsors allow this to happen without having to charge. That is our hearts and God's design. 


Your generosity is a big part of what makes BHH possible and we greatly appreciate it!

BHH is a nonprofit 501.c3. All donations are tax deductible.

Widow's Project

Would you like to donate to the Widow's Project. Please click the link bellow to learn more about how we rebuild widow's homes in Nicaragua and how easy it is to donate and help rebuild their homes.