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BHH or Build His House began as a vision in our hearts to help build and release people into their fullest potential. Over the years we have traveled over 3 million air miles. That's over 120 times around the globe connecting with people to bring heart-felt life-giving hope and direction. With so much travel behind us we began to ask how we can better fulfill the Father's call on BHH. InSpiring is a podcast where we get to share with you the many friendships we have made throughout the years. Wonderful amazing inspiring persons that are instigators of life. You too are an inspiring person!

Inspiring is free to you and all those who listen. This is why your donation to BHH is important. Your gift to BHH affects numerous lives around the world. Our Sponsors allow this to happen without having to charge. That is our heart and God's design for us and BHH. 

BHH is a nonprofit 501.c3. All donations are tax deductible.

Your generosity is a big part of what makes BHH

possible and we greatly appreciate it!

Widow's Project

Would you like to donate to the Widow's Project. Please click the link bellow to learn more about how we rebuild widow's homes in Nicaragua and how easy it is to donate and help rebuild their homes.