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Crystal and I are building a community of people with the heart to mobilize the Church (city-wide) in their town or region. To help envision, equip, and mentor you into the full measure of your callings and purposes.


Royal Invitation: 40 Days of Prayer for Our Land

Have you ever felt a yearning in your heart, a call deeper than words, beckoning you closer to something greater? It's a whisper of hope, a flicker of light in the midst of uncertainty, a yearning for a touch of the divine. In the hush of our daily routines, it can be easy to miss, but it's there, waiting to be embraced.


And what better way to embrace it than together?


For 40 days, we invite you to head up a journey of prayer, a pilgrimage of petition, and a collective sigh of hope for your beloved city, county, and region. We call it A Royal Invitation, for we are not merely supplicants, but invited guests to the table of grace, children of the Most High King.


Imagine, for a moment, the scene:

Forty days praying for the city and county culminating  in a gathering bathed in the soft glow of candlelight, music and  visual imagery, creating a sanctuary of peace amidst the bustle of the world.


The air thick with the heartfelt prayers of the gathered community, each voice a unique thread woven into the tapestry of hope.


Music that transcends words, melodies that paint landscapes of the soul, carrying our petitions on wings of song.


Visual imagery that sparks the imagination, igniting faith and hope within the heart, reminding us of the promises whispered by the heavens.


In this sacred space, you will:

  • Lift your voices in united prayer, for healing, renewal, and the outpouring of God's blessings upon your land.

  • Seek His guidance for your leaders, your families, and your communities.

  • Intercede for those in need, the brokenhearted, and those lost in the shadows.

  • Basque in the presence of the King of Kings, surrendering your burdens and finding strength in His embrace.


This is not just a gathering, it's a movement. A movement of hearts united, voices intertwined, and spirits soaring. It's a declaration of faith, a testament to the power of prayer, and a beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Will you answer the call? Will you accept the Royal Invitation?

Are you sensing the heartbeat to embark on this 40-day journey? You can write a new chapter in the story of your land, a chapter filled with the ink of hope and the light of divine love. With open hearts and expectant spirits!

Contact with us through the link below to discuss how to move this vision forward for your city and region.


We want to connect with you personally to answer any questions you may have and hear your heart's desire. We want you to know that we ask for a monthly gift to our nonprofit as we work together to fulfill this vision for your city.

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