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Wrapped in a Flag

Monday, March 20 Prayer

Pray for Ukraine

Part of my 'work' as a nonprofit is to gather people to pray for concerns in our world. Several years ago, we invited people to pray against human trafficking. Thirty thousand people gathered from their country at noon to pray for one minute. 


In the following months, there were significant arrests of human trafficking rings and greater awareness of this atrocity. Prayer is one aspect that leads to change. The prayers of many can lead to greater change.


Several days ago, my heart, mind, and spirit were drawn to Ukraine. I will admit that I have little knowledge of what has been happening. So, I may be the last person that should stand and gather people together to pray. 


Although, prayer is not about being the best, most significant, or most well-known. It's a simple act of love from one person to another. 


Pray For Ukraine is a one-minute prayer each Monday posted on our website and social media for you to join us at noon your time to pray for the resolution of this war taking thousands of lives which seems to be for greed and power. 

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A Minute of Prayer

Authentic in a New Era

       Lord, you are the author of authenticity - the creator of real, genuine, heartfelt, and life-giving love. In you are these qualities, and from you, they, as a river, stream into your body. We always need real in our lives, especially in these days when love is often wrapped in personal gain or agenda.

       Lord, give us today our daily portion of real for those in our lives who are wounded and skeptical of finding a true and authentic relationship.

       Flood into your kingdom family your authentic, real, genuine, heartfelt, and life-giving love that those who are hurting will meet, encounter, and respond to the love that Jesus is!

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