Connecting people with people and people to purpose

Eduction - Revelation - Activation

Julie, Oregon

I think you came speaking our love language. You very much affirmed and confirmed ideas that we had been talking and thinking about. For me the big inspired idea was that the kingdom will grow through intentional relationship, relationship with a purpose and not necessarily (most likely not) inside of the church building.

Mike, California

Byron you are a pillar that makes a massive difference in lives. Your support and load-bearing ability, in your heart and soul, is making a foundational impact in lives, destinies and ministries. Its fruit will be seen for many years to come."

Leck, Nicaragua

You bring insight to our work that no one else can offer.  You are the one God chose to unveil his plan in Nicaragua which so resonated with my spirit that it redirected the energies of my whole life. To continue to receive your insight is key to me for maintaining divine perspective, whether it is current fresh perspective or looking back to the original word to keep me anchored.