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Crystal and I founded Build His House (BHH), a non-profit 501.c3 focused on creating excellent housing for widows and single mothers. Together we serve on the boards of, and advise several international ministries including the anti-trafficking of women and children with Iris Cambodia  and Hope Refuge.  We have extensions of our work in many nations including Nicaragua. It is there thatI helped to establish a farm program based from a God-given strategy I received in 2000 to help families break out of poverty and have a life sustaining income on a farm that they own. We are presently based in Camarillo, California.

Catalyzying  Projects 
Connecting People 

 Facilitating   Futures

I advise companies
and NGOs in initiatives
and projects

     In 1996 while traveling to speak at a conference in Pennsylvania I was invited to lunch by a leader of an NGO. During lunch he told me, "I believe you have information that can help us move forward." Personally I was shocked. It was not my normal lunch and it set me into a life change of working to catalyze, connect and facilitate projects around the world. 

     From that day, I continue to be involved in a variety of projects from hunger to human trafficking around the world. Catalyzing them forward, connecting people with people and facilitating their future.      We have never charged a fee but develop our financial needs through BHH sponsors much like yourself. Would you consider joining the BHH team?



That 1996 conversation over lunch has lead to many projects. Here are a few key projects  and organizations we are presently catalyzing, connecting and facilitating.

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