To live a heart-felt life is to express the core of God’s kingdom to those in your life. From your closest love to those who are acquaintances.  Living heart-felt life-giving relationships allows others to see your passion, your hopes and your frustrations. They see you living life in the Real! Learn More >>>

One of our key purposes in BHH is to rebuild the homes of widows in Central America where they can live safe and secure. Presently we are rebuilding homes in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The work in Nicaragua and surrounding nations is extensive. Learn More >>>

Living heart-felt life-giving moments

Byron and Crystal are founders of Build His House (BHH), a non-profit 501.c3 focused on creating excellent housing for widows and single mothers. The Easterling’s serve on the boards several international ministries . Byron and Crystal have extensions of their work in many nations including Nicaragua. It is there that they helped to establish a farm program based from a prophecy he received in 2000 to help families break out of poverty and have a life sustaining income on a farm that they own.