Heart-felt Culture


They were together with each other and from this relationship all things happened. Relationship holds huge value in the kingdom. It’s where life happens and out from this comes function. I’m not removing function from the picture. This is not an either/or but it’s a both/and. They co-exist. I’m suggesting that the starting block is relationship.  


Relationship without function loses propulsion to accomplish what God has intended you to accomplish. Our relationships tend to lose momentum if function doesn’t take its role in the relationship. Yet function without relationship creates competition. The focus becomes the outcome and relationships play a secondary role. If they play a role at all.


I think the Church universal is always moving and expanding. So the Church is learning to expand its ability to be relational. The reality is that God is a relational God first, and that is more important than the function. We need to slow down our function long enough to build the relationships that we have; and from that can come all kinds of incredible great works that God has ordained for our lives. 


This is what I once called; living an authentic lifestyle. Placing relationship above function. The word authenticity has been overused, and I realized this word is limited in scope in my attempt to express life. For this reason, I’ve choosen to exchange this wonderful but limited word for others. These words may only better it to a small degree but it speaks more plainly for me of where and how I wish to both experience and present life – even if I do so poorly. Ah, what words you ask? Heart-Felt and Life-giving.


Defined simply as deeply felt, genuine, from the heart; earnest, profound, deep, wholehearted, ardent, fervent, passionate, enthusiastic, eager; honest…and without a doubt – Bona Fide! 



To live a heart-felt life is to express the core of God’s kingdom to those in your life. From the closest love of your life to those who are acquaintances.  Living heart-felt life-giving relationships allows others to see your passion, your hopes and your frustrations. They see you living life in the Real! 


May it be for us that we live heart-felt life-giving moments together.  However that be for you!