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"Byron did a terrific job in the book to express peace and permission to the reader."

“After reading this and meditating on the words "desires of my heart" I've realized that this thing isn't just nothing. It's from Him, because He loves me at an incredible pace.”

“It was as if God used Byron’s book in me as a OBGYN would use the drug, Pictocin, in a pregnant woman to begin her labor to give birth”

“The book captures so much about what God is doing right now! I picked it up and started reading it...couldn't put it down. We know God's up to something...there's been a shift...but most of us are scratching our heads trying to figure it out. Byron Easterling has spent years seeking God's heart and capturing those little nuggets along the way about what this New Era contains. As a leader, these foundational pieces are really important and helped me in developing concrete steps for how to better partner with God for this time and season.”

“This book is a journey into the heart of God. It is to be read slowly, savored for its beauty and the sense of peace that comes with His Presence. Each entry begins with a note, beautifully written, followed by 5 days of inspired questions and suggestions to take you deeper into the love of the Father. When I have finished my time of reading and journaling through the questions each day, I find my heart strengthened and encouraged. This book is a treasure, and I heartily recommend it.”

“This is a great little book worthy of its title. Its obviouse the author speaks from a solid relationship with God and the book is full of nuggets. I like the History facts scattered through out the book.”

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