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Neoclassical Artist Byron Easterling  Creates New Recording, ReSonance


An Atmospheric Journey Using Loops on the Piano


Neoclassical artist Byron Easterling is set to release his latest recordings, ReSonance. The music is an atmospheric journey that explores the depths of human emotion using loops on the piano.


ReSonance is a departure from Byron's previous work, which has been praised for its peaceful piano arrangements. On this album, Byron focuses on the raw power of the piano. The result is a stunningly beautiful and evocative album that will transport listeners to another world.


"I wanted to create an intimate and expansive album," says Byron. "I used loops on the piano to create a sense of continuous movement, and I layered in famous quotes to add depth to this rich and immersive soundscape."

ReSonance header_edited.png

The music's title, ReSonance, refers to how sound can resonate with our emotions. "I believe that music has the power to heal and transform," says Byron. "I hope that ReSonance will resonate with listeners deeply emotionally."


ReSonance is sure to be a must-listen for neoclassical music fans and anyone looking for a beautiful and evocative listening experience.


About Byron Easterling 

Byron is a neoclassical artist known for his Almost Lofi Loops and arrangements and his ability to create beautiful and evocative music. Byron's music has been featured in videos, television, and commercials.


For Live Performance Contact:

Erin Cockroft

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