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Why Episodes Are My Favorite

"When is the book being released," came the question from a friend on social media.

I began writing Strange Reaction a couple of years ago and set it down for several reasons. We moved twice to two towns in two years in the midst of COVID. That's enough to stop doing much of anything. Twice we had the plague in that time frame. I wonder what the number two means in the Bible.

That wasn't the main reason I stopped writing the fiction story of Jeff Armbruster and his journey from the 'HACK to the sack.' You'll have to read the story to learn about the hack and sack. The main reason I stopped writing the story? It's not long enough to be a full-length book, but it's more than a short story. There wasn't an avenue until I opened my website as The Scribbler that I found my platform. As a kid, I used to get the magazine Highlights. Each release had a new episode of an ongoing story. I thought this was so cool. There was an anticipation of what was going to happen with the characters. Thinking about this reminded me of a blog series. Blogs are my forte. Blogs can be short or episodic. Blogs are the brochure of the writers' world. They are short and to the point and don't have to be a specific genre. I can write something informational on Monday, followed by an episode of Strange Reaction on Thursday. Another reason I love writing episodes on my blog is how I write, which I'll save for another time. Until then, please check out the first three episodes of strange Reaction and see if you get hooked for more. Plus, It helps The Scribbler write again!

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