We Are the Vived!

Welcome to New Era explorers where our desire is to release you into your greatest purposes. I want to thank those who have been faithful in following and sharing New Era Explorers. I have received some lovely messages and emails and notes from people. I’m very grateful for you.

Over all the things that I desire my primary pursuit is to release you into the presence of the Spirit of God. My greatest joy is that when I do a meeting is that the spirit of God will be there present and manifest himself. That the glory of God might be seen and that we walk away with a deeper revelation of who Jesus is. That's what it's all about. It's not about some show or prophesying. That’s a wonderful thing. There's nothing wrong with this. I can guarantee you that my greatest joy is for me to see a person connect with the Holy Spirit and then be able to walk into a greater level of understanding of who Jesus is in their life because that's what the Holy Spirit does. The Holy Spirit loves to draw us into the presence of Jesus. Are you drawing into the presence of Jesus? Are you drawing into the manifest presence of God? Is that even a desire on the heart of the church? Or are we just interested in the next fad? Is revival really something that we want? That we are willing to go after and what does it mean to even go after revival?

I looked up revival in Wikipedia because I thought that was a rather interesting way to discover what people thought. Revival from a world standard. It's interesting that it talks about how it is first the body of Christ awakening and coming into a vibrant relationship with God that then follows with a mass conversion of people to Christianity, to Jesus Christ. Revival starts within the church. Revival starts with us being revived because you can't revive something that hasn't been originally vived, you get me, right? It's not about people coming to Christ first, it's about the body of Christ awakening to a relationship with Jesus and then we go deep and that requires us pursuing intimacy with God, a fervency. What is fervency than to you? What is the fervency of God in your life? What draws you in? What causes you to wake up? What causes you to be alive in Him? These are the things of the spirit, not the things you do. Not the externally not some ministry, but internally what drives you to him? What causes you to be on your face before him? What causes you to joy in him and exude him from

inward to outward? This is what happens when revival occurs. We get revived because we're the vived ones. We get revived and then the pre-Christian who's hungry for some kind of truth and reality they see life. They see hope. They see Joy. They see love. They see compassion coming out of a Christian who's been revived. The body of Christ has become this inward kind of bubble that we attend what we call the church, the organized Church. There’s nothing wrong with this. I want to meet with the body of Christ. I love to worship together. I love to learn. I want to be equipped. I want to equip! There's nothing better than being able to see someone touched by the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ. A believer who's coming into the presence of God getting revived in their spirit and walking out the door knowing Christ's deep truth and then that vibrancy, the fervency of God in their life released. Do you feel that fervency? Do you want that fervency or are we just going to sit back and worry about who's going to be elected for president or not be elected for president?

You've got to vote - use your vote. If you have power and authority in politics then use that in politics. If you have power in business use that power and authority in business. whatever it is of those seven mountains of society the Dr. Bill bright and Dr. Lauren Cunningham talked about back in 1975. If you haven't experienced the knowledge that the Seven Mountains of Society didn't come from the past decade. It came back from 1975 when these two men received a vision from God about the seven mountains of society and how we have to affect them with our lives. Listen, I have one vote. That's all I have. I have no power to change somebody's mind about voting. Use your vote for the person you want to vote for. Vote for the person you believe is best but let's move on. Let's fervently come after Jesus Christ. That's what we're here for and if you express that in arts or in business or education, that's your field. That's your territory. That's the ground God has given you to be able to release the presence of God.

I'm not speaking against those who are in politics. I want people who are strong believers in politics, but our social media is blown up with silliness over this election. Vote.

Dude, vote get your vote in. The greater majority of us have one vote. Use it! You won’t change someone's life with politics. It won't change with politics. That won't change with business. That's where you work. That's where you place your feet on a regular basis. But here's the deal use the power that's within you which is the Spirit of God. Release the love of God into someone's life through the presence of the Spirit because that's what they're hungry for. Ultimately politics, business, education, arts and entertainment, all of the seven mountains of society are where people live. It’s where we do life but it's not what makes the difference. It's where they're gathered within those seven mountains, but it's not the heartbeat. You carry the heartbeat of God because you carry the Spirit of God.

For the next several months we're going to be seeing social media posts about the elections and we're going to be seeing negatives and positives, anger and frustrations and it's going to pull us away from the truth of what we can do when someone really needs us and is hurting. They're scared. Think about it pre-Christians, those who don't know God, they're scared because they don't have the truth that God is in total control and that he does and works things for the good of us all. That He's right there working things out for the best. We have that and people need that. They want to know that there is something bigger than them. Show them the spirit of God. Show them the heartbeat of God. Show them the compassion and love of Jesus. Show them the hope that He brings. Not just in their mind but in their spirit.

You might agree with some of this and maybe you won't agree with much of it, but you have to agree with me as a believer that the bottom line - it's all about him. It's about Jesus Christ. It's not about any presidential election. It’s all about Jesus touching the lives of those around us. Those in our influence. Be the Grand Influencer that you are!