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Those Pesky Little Rascals

She stepped out of the office at her regular time. Taking a moment for a light stretch before setting off for some much-needed and desired exercise.

It was one of those beautiful fall days with the temperature hovering right around perfect. A light breeze reminded her that the yard would need raking in a few weeks, and the leaves on the trees were glowing. Vibrant pictures were painted in her mind. She began running at a fair pace along the paved trail that ran alongside and beyond the business park.

Two thousand eight hundred thirty-nine miles to the South, Esperanza stepped onto her small plot of land, with her first chore to open the irrigation valves. The rainy season had come and gone, and the crops depended on that water supply.

As the water began reaching the thirsty crops, she walked through the plantains, checking for foul play. Not from the neighboring children, to them she provided a daily plantain as a gift. No, it's the insects she is most concerned about. These pesky little rascals can make or break her future.

Esperanza had dealt with a failed crop due to an infestation the year before. It nearly devastated her family. She was a single mother with two children. She had family nearby, but they didn't have the means to help outside of moral support. Three years ago, she was broken, living moment to moment. Today her world was far from broken.

Liz turned at the two-mile mark and changed the music pouring into her earbuds, providing peace in her busy day. She hit her favorite playlist and set off towards the office, hoping she would have a quarter of an hour to replenish some nourishment before the afternoon staff meeting. A gentle piano piece began playing its melodic tones. Liz stopped on the path as her heart was captured by the peace emanating from this piano music. "Who is this?" she tapped the screen on her phone. She made a mental note of the song and artist to research later that day. For the moment, there was a more pressing matter – lunch!

A bank had approached her about purchasing her property once before with the assurance she could keep her home. That was appealing as it would give her immediate funds, but Esperanza was no fool. She figured if someone wanted her land, it had value, but she was no farmer and had no funds to farm if she knew how.

What could she do with the land? It had laid fallow for over two decades. Her father had been a farmer, but she had never learned how to farm the land. She helped her father as a child, but he passed out of this world early.

How could she provide for her family with this land? Have you felt these moments when there must be a way to climb out of a pit, but you can't see the answer today? "If I could find a way," she cried out to the cosmos, sending her heartfelt prayer upward! A single hope rose in the core of her very soul.

Finishing the day, Liz took the main highway home. Unfortunately, she generally hit rush hour traffic but found valuable time to catch up on podcasts and music. Today she wanted to find the piano player and listen to more of his music. She found a whole album by the artist, hit the pairing button on the car's Bluetooth, and the car's interior filled with the piano's dulcet tones. An excellent way to combat the crazies on the road.

Within a few weeks of her desperate cry, Esperanza was talking with a friend at the market. "Where have you been?" she asked as they hadn't seen each other for several months. Her friend mentioned that she had been invited to participate in an agricultural training program, and it required much of her time, but it offered hope for her family. That same sense Esperanza had experienced with her desperate cry rose in her spirit. Questions also rose in her mind, and with no hesitation began asking her friend about the training.

Could this be the help she needed? Could she, too, be on a new track of hope?

Esperanza discovered she was a great candidate for the agricultural program, with Pontis Nicaragua having all the qualifications needed to be a student. Not being a person to waste time, she immediately began her farm training.

Esperanza shut off the irrigation lines and gathered a handful of plantains to give to the local neighbors. Esperanza had moved from complete desperation to hope, working the farm and stepping out of poverty into prosperity. Through God's help and the training of Pontis Nicaragua, another working farm – another changed life!

Liz ran the hot water over her just-cleaned dinner plate, placing it in the rack to drain. "I wonder what else this guy does," thinking about the newfound piano player. Doing a quick search of his name on Google, a web address appeared at the top of the page. Tapping the URL, her phone's browser opened to his website with the words FUEL IT FOR THEM appearing in bold colors. Liz was captivated and went no further – punching the link.

Liz discovered a monthly subscription on the website called The Adventurous. Anyone can download his music, video interviews, music videos, monthly discussions, and collaborations – there was even free computer wallpaper. All they ask is that I consider donating to keep them moving forward or - PayWhatYouCan.

Liz went further into the information and learned that 20% of her monthly donation goes directly to Pontis Nicaragua each month to help families escape poverty into prosperity.

"That means I get all this, and I get to help sponsor a deserving family into a new life? Seems like a no-brainer," as she tapped the subscription button!

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