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The Importance of Relationships in the New Era

Somebody asked me about the importance of relationships in the new era. Well, I think they're foundational. The question might better be, how meaningful are relationships in the new era? Essential and absolutely foundational, in my opinion. I believe what happened is that we had created many good works - there is nothing wrong with good works. I like good works; we have good works that we are part of worldwide and want more. But we don't want it at the loss of relationships. We don't want it at the loss of the foundation of our relationship with the Father and others.

I wrote an article years ago called "My Bus, Our Bus." It was looking at relationship versus function. I feel like much has been about my bus. Otherwise, I have this work on the earth, and I want you to join me and do it. It's not about relational development. It's not about deepening our friendships with God or man but about doing, doing, doing. With "my bus," when your function ends, and you've been kicked off the bus, in a sense. You don't belong anymore.

With "our bus," it's about Ephesians 4. Ephesians 4:11-13 talks about those five gifts that are there for what? They are gifts. I looked up the Greek word for gift. Do you know what it means in Greek? Gift, that's all it means.

I genuinely think the key for Ephesians 4:11-13 is those five gifts are to equip, right? They're to build up the Body so that every person can do the works of service, the things they're called to do, whether or not that's inside or outside a local organized church. Probably for the majority of us, it's outside the local church, and we've been so focused on building a ministry inside the local organized church that we've lost touch with those hungry and searching for truth.

So why is relationship so meaningful in this season? Why is it so foundational in a new era? Because I don't believe that the seeker, the pre-Christian, is going to discover God through a program. I think it's because of the love of one person for another, the relational dynamic of connecting with them.

This takes me to cultural creatives. Over 50 percent of our population in the United States and most likely in Europe are cultural creatives. They look at things slightly differently, and they're going to look for genuineness. They will look for an authentic relationship before they jump into something. If they're going to look at the heart, and we have a depth of heart because we have depth with God. You know the Lover of all humanity, God loves all humanity. He created them.

People are looking for honest and genuine relationships. Then it's time to let our focus build with those around us in our influence. Let relationship be the hinge pin that allows us to do good works, but let good works follow good relationships.


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