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Show Love

Today’s question is how can I show the love of God to pre-Christians in my daily life. There are several ways to do this, and everybody has to discover the best for themselves. I’ve found the best avenue is to connect with individuals on a heartfelt and life-giving basis. I don’t only want to connect for the sake of bringing them into the kingdom of God, and I want to be able to connect at a relational level.

I’ve discovered the best way is listening. Learning to listen, and here’s the key, without the need to respond. It’s hearing their words, not just listening to bring my agenda in or my thought or opinion. It’s being able to stop long enough and listen to that person to hear what they are saying.

I think most people don’t have this in their life. They don’t have someone who listens to them—so being able to stop and connect and hear what they have to say without the need to respond is a wonderful opportunity to show your love.

One thing I have uncovered while listening is I'm able to hear the questions they are trying to ask and need to ask, but they haven't asked the right questions - yet. As you listen to them, you discover their questions, and you can, bring those questions into the conversation.

Now that’s the second key to me: conversation. It’s not a monologue. Ultimately, you want to have a conversation around whatever they are talking about. But it’s not about your opinion, thoughts, or advice. Advising to me is more about listening than anything else.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to forward this to anyone you think might enjoy this content.

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