Over Night Success

I want to take you on a journey into to a prophetic experience that I dealt with for almost two decades. I want to start by saying that I learned and discovered years ago, back in the mid 90s and where our little circle of friends and fellow confidants often talked about the two types of Ministries; a blessing ministry and a building ministry. No matter what your gift or calling is there's a blessing ministry and a building ministry. Some people are more of a blessing type ministry which in the prophetic expresses itself by bringing revelation opening doors to hope and insight for the future, and some are a building types of ministry that release strategy. At times it’s difficult to notice the difference between these two but there is a foundational aspect to each.

Nearly 20 years of my life I was involved in a group that has generally been a building type ministry. I discovered, through a friend, that I have been living on the wrong side of my gift. This was an awakening moment for me. I want to tell you about how important it is to accept the kind of ministry that you are. To be who you are because for 20 years I have been fighting and trying to be a builder when all this time I’ve carried a blessing Ministry. I love being able to come into a place and give prophetic words, encouragement and comfort that causes the individual or organization to step into their fuller identity of who they are. To bless the church. To bless the individual. To bless the corporation or government. Wherever God sends me, to be able to bless them into that next place on their journey. Oftentimes strategy will come out of these. Mobilize Your Future, the equipping tool God gave me in 2001 is a perfect example. I was out working on our property in Texas the very afternoon that I was to meet with a group of prophetic types that evening when I would begin a 13-week equipping series. Unfortunately, I didn't have a thing to offer them and here I am out on the property cutting and mowing and praying like crazy to come up with something for the group.

Into my mind pops 1st Timothy 1:18. Immediately I stopped what I was doing, ran inside the house and read the verse. You know in those moments it's like the fastest download you will ever experience. He downloads the entire idea in a single flurry of thought but then it takes several years to work out the process through to completion, right? I took 1st Timothy 1:18 and from this we created, Mobilize Your Future, a prophetic tool for you to activate your prophecies based from the verse in Timothy. You can find the book on the website at Now, let me say I generally receive the initial blessing or prophetic insight, but Crystal will often take these and create a depth of training or equipping which she did with Mobilize Your Future as well as our most recent book together, Love Notes From Dad. She is a teacher. She has revelation in ways I don’t. But I’m blessed to bring the initial insight that opens the door. That blesses the people.

For 20 years I've been trying to be a builder when a friend stepped into my life and said, “You're not a builder Byron and you need to accept the blessing that you are.” I actually had come to a point in my life where I believed that I was a second-class citizen because I wasn't a builder. I was believing the lie that every Ministry should become a building Ministry. That this is the far better way. My friend followed up by saying, “Byron if we don't have blessers, we won't receive the impact of encouragement. We don't get our hope given to us.” That got me thinking, the Nicaragua Farm project happened because God gave me a word about Nicaragua in 2000. I received this blessing prophecy for the nation of Nicaragua. So, in 2003 after waiting and pondering over this prophecy for 3 years I invited five guys with me to Nicaragua. As I begin to deliver the prophecy my longtime friend and cohort Leck Heflin was one of the five. When he heard me speaking, he knew he was to build that farm project. I mean, he's the builder. I'm the blesser. I was living as a second-class citizen because I didn't believe that blessing Ministries had value. I was told that I needed to become a builder to truly advance my gift and calling. I’ve attempted to be a trainer, a teacher, a strategist and a leader. I gained from going after all of these options but why would I want to do these when I have my wife, or I have other friends who are better at these than I? Why would I steal that from them?

A downside to looking beyond who I am, is I began to falter in my gift and wear out because to me I was living a second-class lifestyle in the prophetic. I would wear out trying to become something on the building side of ministry that I am not. This friend that came to me and spoke into my life, I tell you what, when he told brought that out about myself, it spoke so true because that's what the Father has been trying to get me to believe for 20 years. I've now turned that corner of thinking that I'm a second-class citizen as a blesser. We need to be able to walk in the very heartbeat of what God has for us.

If you know me then you’ll know this isn't the easiest thing to talk to you about. About my failures, insecurities or pursuit of someone else’s gift. But this was part of my journey. I have to accept this and be willing to walk into the greater blessing of being a blessing prophet. One way to advance this is by doing a Weekly Encouragement on Wednesdays. I send them out to people through my email list. You’re welcome to receive these. You can join us at and click The Community button to get on the list. These Weekly Encouragements are to bless you so you can be released into the greatest purposes that Christ has for you according to Ephesians 4:12. That the best way for me to prepare and nurture you is to provide you with my gift and calling, that way you can go fulfill all that God has for you.

Walking fully in the identity of who I am is a journey and to some degree still a battle for me. I had come to the point that I wanted to give it up. I wanted to give the prophetic up so badly sometimes. I didn't want to own it. I didn't want anything to do with it because I was trying to be something I am not. I was trying to be a builder and I didn't get it. I didn't understand it. For me, it comes back to releasing the Father's heart into people's lives. I love that I can I could do this. You see, I was thinking that as a second-class kingdom citizen, I was not reaching my full potential. I was a citizen of little value. I tell you what? I've come to a place that if people think that I'm a second-class Citizen because I’m a blesser and not a builder, then it’s not my problem. This was a growing point in my life, and I get the opportunity to keep moving forward so I can keep blessing. I have to walk past these perceptions and step through so I can move into greater revelation and understanding of the Father.

Whatever it is God is doing right now in your life take hold of it fully. If you are a blesser. We need blessing ministries. We need people who are encouraging the Christian and Pre-Christian. Let me ask you today, are you walking into the full measure that God has given you? Are you walking fully in the identity of who you are? Are you taking the desires God has placed in you to the fullest measure you possibly can? Ask the Father what he is doing to take you to that next place? That's what I'm asking. What do I walk in? How can I agree with him in order to step into that next place as a blessing ministry in the prophetic? This is good stuff, eh? Try it out.