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On the Creative Temperament (part 2)

Updated: Jan 19

I'm easily moved! Have you seen the movie, The Holiday? Jude Law plays a single parent who suggests and displays the fact that he cries at commercials. It's a running joke in my household that this is true of me. I'm a crier. I believe it's due to goodness, justice, or kindness that is being emoted.

The creative temperament can tend to be moved emotionally by such things. Yet, another issue of being moved isn't so good. I'm easily moved to new creative endeavors. I have a new one every week (at least).

I can wake up on Monday to work on a grand creative adventure to discover that afternoon that there is another creative opportunity before me that needs my immediate attention. Off I go, leaving the morning adventure in the dust. I have internally struggled with this issue for most of my life, feeling like an overgrown squirrel flying from one tree to the next.


I have spent more time worrying about not being stable because I'm moving from project to project instead of focusing on the possible reasons that there might be a purpose in this tree hopping. Worrying tends not to advance us anywhere quickly. The focus is all wrong. It's on the negative aspects and generally sends us introspecting into doldrums, frustration, and killing our motivation. Let's change that direction!

I had to learn that it's okay to change directions without abandoning the previous creative endeavor. In the past, I would hop to the next without considering that both are possibly good ideas. That one doesn't need to be thrown out to accomplish the other. I have several creative projects on my calendar that I'm working on. Yes, I put them on my calendar as a reminder to realize that I can return to them as my time, energy, and desire permits.


I'm not throwing them out - I'm scheduling them out! I'm allowing my creative temperament to have flexibility. You might know that music has played a significant role in my life. I'm not giving up music to write a blog, but the current music project is long-term. It will take months, not weeks, to do it with excellence. You will enjoy the outcome when it's finished because it will be completed and not thrown out on a whim.

This change in my thinking has allowed me to realize how important it is to keep the ideas. In my book, Dream Big, Dream Often, I wrote about Moving Day. What needs to be moved out of your thinking or life to move your dream, that desire of your heart, to the next place?

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