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Millions Waiting

I want to tell you about this vision that I had, but first, I want to begin with 1 Corinthians 8:6 - “Yet for us, there is only one God—the Father. Out of him is all things, and our lives are lived for him. And there is one Lord, Jesus, the Anointed One, through whom we and all things exist” (TPT).

I'm going to tell you about this vision I had about a grand awakening, a great awakening, probably what William Seymour would have called the greatest awakening. William Seymour, in 1913, and his compadre had a similar vision at the same time about the greatest move of God on the earth. It's been called the hundred-year prophecy. We are now a hundred years past their prophecy. I was asking the Lord what is with the hundred-year prophecy and whether we are in it.

Imagine with me: I am in this gigantic valley, this huge valley with mountains surrounding the valley. I love the mountains, and I love being in the valleys of mountains, and I love being on the heights looking down into the valleys. Here I am in this vast valley surrounded by mountains with millions upon millions of people in the valley. It was so intense you could feel the anticipation, the expectation. They were waiting for something. Around the valley floor, in an oval shape, was a chalk line like you'd see on a football field. I knew in the vision those on the inside of the chalk line were searchers for truth.

All lined up around the outside of the chalk line were followers of Jesus. I said, “Lord, when do we get to go in?” I heard this in my spirit, "Look down.” I looked down, I was barefooted, and my toes were just across the line, just across. I heard again in my spirit, “You're in!

Guys, we are already in the midst of this move of God! It might not feel like it because our toes are just across the line. It's the very beginning stages. I have been receiving reports from people, reports about people having conversations that they've had for the last ten years with a friend, and all of a sudden, it clicked, and the person said, "That’s what I need. I need Jesus!

This is about the greatest awakening on the earth, not just for followers; this is about the seeker encountering, meeting, and responding to Jesus. They must meet him first, and we are the meeting agent of Christ on earth.

Is this a God-ordained move? If you want to know more, you can buy the book “An Introduction to New Era" on Amazon. Check it out and see if you aren't already apart.

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