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Lover of My Soul (13)

In the spring of 2006, I became disenchanted with life in general. My hope for the future was lost, and my desire for relationships faded. Even my heart for the Lord seemed faded, at best.

Early one morning in the waking hours of the day, I picked up the scriptures and began to read, not just read, but meditate on the scriptures and the goodness of God. What followed was an awakening. I read Psalm after Psalm, and I started writing down the meditations as I read.

You are about to read the first in a series of these meditations. I call them Meditations of a Common Man because sometimes I'm a simple guy with a simple lifestyle.

I desire that these meditations will draw you closer to God and that as I was drawn close to a loving Father, you too will find a refueled faith in a living God.

Lover of My Soul Thank you for not shying away from me. You step out front! You face my dangers, my struggles, and my risks Right there with me. You are not some distant relative that doesn’t know me

Nor care about my journey. You are my Dad! You stand before me to assure me, And to bring decisive victory into my life. How blessed am I! I will trust in you, For you are: The Truth Speaker The Ultimate Giver A hand with no end to its reach, A Perfect Song. The strength that holds the earth, The lover that changes a soul, The lover of my soul. My friend! Through the unfailing love of the Most High I will not be shaken!

How to Use Meditations of a Common Man

The sole intent of Meditations of a Common Man is to delight in God and to come away renewed in heart, mind, body, and spirit. As you read, you will find yourself drawn to a word or phrase that I have written or from the scripture. When you come to these moments, rest in them, and take time to ponder. This is the point where you begin to meditate.

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