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Kingdom Storm of Goodness

I believe we have arrived at a wonderful time on the earth, founded and authored by our Father. The living generations - that's you and I - have entered what I believe is a unique and exceptional historical moment led by our heavenly Father. One that will be chronicled as a turning point in world affairs. A time to experience tremendous kingdom momentum. It's not unprecedented because it's difficult to outshine Jesus coming to earth.

As the world churns around us, there is a deep rumbling from heaven calling us to pray and an undertone heard clearly if we listen from the inner man. Listening exclusively to the noise of media seems to be releasing fear and hopelessness, and we tend to miss the vibration of heaven's call this season. This call to prayer. This call to be quiet, to be still. It's like a storm on the horizon. From a distance, it only looks like a small cloud, but those who know what an approaching storm looks like know to prepare. They gather what's needed.

Many are talking about the problems our world is facing, but what if the Father is preparing and releasing a kingdom storm of goodness? His kindness of repentance is being poured out on the world so that millions of people turn their hearts and lives to Jesus. One that has been spoken about for 100 years, a historical time of repentance.

Repentance, you know, is not a negative declaration but a positive look at our future and the deepening relationship with the loving Father. Now is the time for individuals and groups to agree with what the kingdom of God is saying. To stop, to listen, and to pray for heaven's strategies. Prayers are kingdom currency that God invests in our present and future. Those golden bowls of incense filled with your prayers, a sweet and powerful fragrance before the throne of God.

What happens when those bowls overflow? God has a plan that cuts through all the fear-mongering, frustrations, and concerns. His kingdom rules and reigns even if we don't feel it. When times almost overwhelm us, we must fall back on the truth. God of all the universe, Creator and Lover of humanity, is sovereign and has a plan He is asking us to join Him as He releases kingdom strategies in prayer for us, our world, and you. 

What is the Father asking you to pray? Because we want to join you. You are not alone in your prayers. Your prayers count. Your voice influences heaven and makes a difference in our world. Thanks for being a part of the answer to our Father's sovereign plan. Until next time - have a great day!

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