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How Do I Hear God’s Voice?

Today’s question is, how do I hear God’s voice the clearest? I thought that was a great question. It follows up with my last post: What are the different ways you can hear God’s voice? Today’s question again was how do I personally hear God’s voice the clearest? I’ll have to say that the clearest is the Bible, the Scriptures. There was a moment when I stopped just reading rote Scripture, just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. There is nothing wrong with that; I needed to read the Bible.

But someone asked me at what point, “Have you stopped to look at the words and discover what is in that passage?” So I began to study, but it was also revelation and uncovering God’s heart for me. Right now, I am on a passage of Scripture, I think I have been there probably a couple of months, and it has been tremendous. During the day, I might read another passage, but I am always drawn back to that one passage of Scripture. It’s only three verses, but in those three verses, the Holy Spirit is saturating my spirit with those Scriptures. They are speaking life into me and hope into me, the expectation of what’s to come. They are speaking the truth about where my life is right now; He directed me there. And then I had to stop and slow down. I might catch just one word. One day I might see one word and think, “I need to discover more about that word. I don’t know enough about it.” And I’ll go look it up in our dictionary, and then I’ll look it up in the original language it was written in, and I’ll learn about it. And God will use that to open up my understanding, providing wisdom and revelation of God. Because it is the revelation of God - of insight into who He is that I want to know. I want to know Him more.

So for me, the Bible and the Scriptures are a great and probably the clearest way I hear from God. There are many other ways to hear from God, and I do hear different ways, but the Scriptures are the clearest.

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