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Heart Storm

Read these words as if your heavenly Father is speaking them to you…

"Do you know how much your heart is like David's? David was amazing. Even in the darkest of times, he always leaned into Me. He would turn his face to look into Mine. Battles waged around him. His life was threatened, and yet here he was, face-to-face, looking into the eyes of My heart. Do you remember what I said about hi? I raised David to be a king, and I said, 'I have found in David, son of Jesse, a man who always pursues My heart and will accomplish all I have destined him to do.' (Acts 13:22)

You know, you are just like Davi! You pursue the heart of M . You navigate, pass through, and step beyond the negative and destructive to persevere through the darkness into the inner courts of My heart. That's where you find Me. That's where I love to be found!  

Just like David, you have made your life about the character of man, about walking into strength and wisdom. These moments when you could give in, you choose instead to step over these devastating hindrances and enter into a depth of trust in M . You make this about your inner man, not about your mission or position. I know your mind and the struggles you fight! I know you believe yourself slow and even, at times, unworthy to enter my holy heart sanctuary. I know you think yourself weak and even lazy in your pursuit of Me, considering yourself unable to connect at the deepest place of My inner heart. My holy heart sanctuary!

Do you know what? I was not jealous for David. I had no cause for concern about him. There was no anxiety that I would lose him, that he would turn his back on Me. His resolve to seek My heart caused Me no concern at all. So, it is with you – I have no concern - for you will turn to M . Your face will gaze on mine.   There is no jealousy, no worry that you have given your chase to another.

Why? Because you, like David, are unrelenting in seeking My heart! You won't stop! You keep after Me almost as much as I keep after you. Oh sure, you are human –there are scrapes, bruises, and even perceived failures that you have carried within your heart and mind. Some wishes and dreams don't always belong to you. Sometimes you pursue them, but then you always turn and ask Me, "Is this okay?" And then you listen.

You are really good at listening. You always seek My best! Now and then, I think you see your pursuit of Me as feeble or unpleasing. Yet, I am ecstatic by your pursuit. You see your pursuit as small or minuscule; only the most known of mature believers must have your deepest heart. But to Me, your pursuit is life! I see the beginning of your search and the beginning of your quest. When you felt alone, standing in the darkness of your soul, unable to consider a way forward. The moment I see is not the fear of your heart, the confusion, or the lack of direction. I know the fierceness of that juncture, the instant, THE VERY INSTANT, when your eyes are drawn to Mine, with darkness enveloping your heart and soul. There is a crossroads, a turn, and a rise from within your heart and mind, like a brilliant light that radiates throughout heaven. Like a heart beacon signaling to Me an early warning sign of a heart storm of love about to be released in your soul. A brewing of something so powerful, so unique, so good! That only you and I know, as Father and child.

It's the beginning of a new day, a new way, a new hope. It's a heart storm of love.

Chasing – running – leaping into my presence like a thousand horses charging. That's what makes my heart sing. I love that moment! Heaven rings out your name! I shout for joy and am so proud of you. Nothing is feeble or unpleasing to Me about your pursuit of My heart. There is only a gathering heart storm of love from Me to you! So here it comes! My heart storm of love."

I believe the Father is releasing a more profound revelation of Himself in our lives, a brewing heart storm of His love. This is a time of impartation. This word "impart" or the act of imparting means to give, convey, or grant. Impartation is when the Father gives us something unique of Himself. Today He is ready to impart a  new understanding, dynamic, and depth of His love to us. He is going to make our ceiling our floor. What we aspire to, beyond us before, is now underfoot. And He is opening the heavens for us to see deeper into his love, to experience His holy heart sanctuary.

So, Father, you are here with us and ready to bring an impartation. We are preparing ourselves right now. We know you love us and that you want more for us. That's a promise written in your scriptures. We are going to activate those promises today!

I invite you to stand, walk around, lay on the floor, and get comfortable with Him. Create an atmosphere to receive. Let these words soak into your heart and flow back from your heart to the Father as a prayer. Are you ready to receive? Let's do this!

"I am ready. My heart wants more! I desire to enter a new revelation of your love, to experience your heart storm of love. To have imparted in my life an increase. And I expect that you are ready to impart this because I know how much you like me, how much you care for me. I, like David, am your child with a heart after you, pursuing you with a fullness of heart. Because that's what I do, I'm going to pursue you. I will turn my face to you. I will chase, run, and leap after you without hesitation because I know that you want more for me.

Father, your spirit of revelation is here right now! It's being poured out on me. I am ready to receive a new dynamic of your love. I am speaking prophetically over myself. I get to receive this impartation today. I will watch my ceiling of love become my floor and the heavens open for more of your love in my life. Because you have promised it, you will bring it! By your permission granted and by the promise   of your holy scripture, I say, 'Father, I want it, I accept it, I receive it!'"

In Jesus' name, let it be so!


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