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Now that we are in Northern California again, I'm stoked about the opportunity to hang out with family. We are no longer driving seven hours several times a year. Generally, during our times together over a cup of coffee or a meal, we end up chatting about our work. In these moments, I learn a lot.

Last week, my daughter (VeraCoStaging) was helping me understand the nuances of posting on social media. I've tried every major platform and found my heart isn't in it. As I told her, "It's so impersonal. "

Her response was simple, wise, and constructive. "Why don't you let people know you personally?"

Upfront, this sounded like a great plan. It would create the personal aspect I have been missing from social media. She suggested writing the stories of why and how I came to write my books. The faith behind them.

"What a great idea!" I exclaimed with grand anticipation.

Then I got thinking about opening myself up to people in a personal way. That doesn't sound safe. What about people who don't like my stuff and decide to tell me instead of remaining uninterested and moving along. Like a loving daughter, she expressed that she's faced the same fears. She got through it and has done a great job of connecting her heart with her passion for design. I guess I can give it a try!

The reality is that, like most of us, I enjoy a good story. After all, writing about how I found my way to the things I've done are just stories.

What made the difference in looking at social media and opening myself up? It was a conversation. It was a relational connection. Do you have people you can draw from and connect with that allow you to be you? Please say yes. If not, don't despair. Consider asking a friend who has knowledge in the area you're seeking to chat with. Be upfront that you need a listening ear and possibly some advice.

But remember, share and share alike. There may come a time when the things you have wisdom with will be needed by that friend. It's a powerful means toward hope in our world.


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