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Explore & Encounter the Father's Heart - PART 1c


As you and I meet, I promise that I will be in the middle of us Connecting my Spirit with yours. Causing our hearts to beat in rhythm, And your voice to echo My voice. What can happen amid My presence? The options are limitless. The opportunities - endless!

Activation 3:

Go deeper. Go back to your list of promises from Day 1 and the scriptures. Take His promises to heart and use this time to practice His Presence. Create an atmosphere He likes to come to! Quietly begin to worship and thank him for His promises. Enjoy His Presence. Breathe Him in. Soak in Him, don’t be in a hurry. Go where He leads you.

What limitless possibilities can you imagine (1 Cor. 2:9)? Ask Him to speak to you about what is on His heart. Journal what He shows to you and where He leads you. Begin to practice His Presence throughout your day(s).


Practice His Presence as you are out and about in different situations by calling on His Name and quieting your spirit while thanking Him for His presence within you.

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