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Explore & Encounter the Father's Heart - Introduction

Updated: Feb 17


I began writing what I then called Love Notes From Dad. They became a part of our gatherings as we traveled. They are simple expressions of how I believe the Father speaks of us and sees us from a heavenly point of view.

Then, Crystal had the great idea to take these and create a devotional series. With five activations for each Love Note. It allows you to go deeper and hear the Father's heartbeat through practical exercises, scripture, meditation, and more. Crystal and I pray you will enjoy these moments with Dad and discover his abundant love for you as you search his heart through these Love Notes.


We are thrilled to share these Love Notes from the Father with you. I was touched as I read through them time after time. My heart for you is that you will be taken into a deeper place in the Father's heart and discover and experience more and more of His immense love for you.

The activations are designed to give you several paths of interacting with the Holy Spirit for each love note. This is so that you can spend more time digging into each one, mining for more of what the Father has for you in each love note rather than moving on to a new thought the next day. Please take unhurried time with each activation to get the most out of it. The goal is not to "get it done', but to have a deep, joyful encounter and conversation with the Father each day. If you want to spend more time on a particular activation, please take as much time as the Holy Spirit leads you.

We pray that you will discover the height, width, and depths of His love for you in ways you have never known before.


Each week you will receive notice of a new activation. There are a total of five activations in this first Love Note From Dad. Crystal and I would love to have you delve deeper into the heart of the Father through our book. CLICK TO PURCHASE

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