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Distribution Centers of Kindness

I want to become a distribution center of kindness." I am a distribution center of God's kindness. I carry Him in me; I carry the goodness of God within me. Kindness has never left the Kingdom. It's never going to leave the Kingdom. I want to emulate the character of Christ and his kindness.

A question arose in my spirit: what would my day look like as a distribution center of kindness? Would it start at home? Would it begin with my family, friends, and associates and then spread out into the community?

Kindness is both in word and deed. I'm pretty good at the word part. I do a lot of meetings at coffee shops and restaurants. I try to make it a point to connect with the barista or the waitstaff, the managers, and the people in line. I try to connect and find a kind word to say because kind words are rare.

I have to admit my weakness is probably in stopping for the one. I've grown a little skeptical over the years in my heart. And I need to extinguish that flame and ignite the flame of kindness in its place. That could be to my neighbor, and it could be to my spouse or to anybody I see on the street that needs help. That is stopping for the one. Crystal and I have projects worldwide, but we don't see that face-to-face every day. I need to challenge myself a little more and apply myself to stop for the one.

I'm going to bring two activations as a challenge. I'm included in these because we travel this together.

  • Activation One: Where has the Father placed you to be a distribution center of kindness? He's created those places specifically for you. Make a list of all the places you travel through your daily life.

  • Activation Two: How would you release kindness in word and action? What reminders can you give yourself to stop for the one? Write these reminders down.

I believe the Father is asking the community of believers to make kindness fashionable. To become distribution centers of kindness. Where did the statement "make goodness fashionable" come from? It came from William Wilberforce. Wilberforce only lived 45 years on this earth from 1780 to 1825; that's it 45 years. He had two objects in his life: one was to abolish slavery, which I think was two decades of his lifetime! He did it! He accomplished it, of course, with the help of many others, but he was the driving force behind it.

Then the other one was to make goodness fashionable. It said of him, "Good causes stuck to him like pins to a magnet." He organized and provided for about seventy philanthropic projects. He espoused goodness in his land in a time that was not pleasant in England. The attitude was so negative, but because of this drive, this pursuit of goodness changed the perspective of a nation and altered England's atmosphere! We can alter our atmosphere if we all begin to espouse kindness to those around us. Everybody that you are kind to multiplies outward.

Can we become distribution centers of kindness? This is a moment in our history when the Body of Christ gets to rise and be a kindness center for those who are hurting, those who feel dejected, and those who feel injured. At this moment in history, the Father asks us if we will become distribution centers of kindness. Do you agree with me? Then would you help me get this word out to your friends, family, and churches and let them know there's something I feel we need to get out there and let people know?

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