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Different Ways to Hear God’s Voice

Today's question is, what are the different ways you can hear God's voice? That's a pretty intense conversation that requires more time, so I'm going to hit on two things that I believe are helpful for today. The first is I believe that the majority of Christendom hear God through the Scriptures: in their reading, in their times with Him throughout the day, remembering or recalling a passage of Scripture, studying a passage of Scripture because Scripture is meant to be that for us. It's intended to bring wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation of what God has for our growth in life, in gaining an understanding of who the Father is and how to walk out our lives, right? So I have to say Scriptures are probably the majority for the Body of Christ - and when I say the Body of Christ, I mean everybody, not just a segment of Christianity. So the Scriptures are vital.

The other side is learning to hear God internally through the different aspects of the Spirit, which to me, is a study. So I want to encourage you: there is a man who has passed away named, John Paul Jackson. He was a great trainer and teacher and had great revelation on hearing God. He's got a study called "The Art of Hearing God." If you google John Paul Jackson Streams Ministries, you'll discover all kinds of things that John has written, videos, teachings, and training, but The Art of Hearing God is one I recommend.

Yes, there are many ways to hear God, and He speaks in many ways to us, but I think for most people, the Scriptures are a safe, sound, and pure way to hear God's voice.

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