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Coming Out of a Season of Rest

Someone recently asked me how do you come out of a season of rest. Here's something exciting to me. I feel like Covid was a mountaintop experience with God. You might think I'm crazy. I'm not saying God gave Covid. I'm not saying it was a God-ordained thing; I'm not saying God made Covid. I think that the enemy came and did his work. I believe God used it. He created this mountaintop experience where we couldn't go places. Traveling was my life. I have traveled over three million miles. My brother figured out that I have traveled 29 times around the globe. Covid became a time that we got to be home and rest and listen, we didn't have drives and commutes, and we didn't have as many meetings. I still had a lot of meetings on Zoom, I had meetings all over the world on Zoom, but it was different. I didn't have as much time in preparation in the sense of travel and organization. That was off my plate. I could meet, and then all this extra time happened, right?

What was that for? Well, that was to draw us closer. It was a time of rest. To me, Covid was a time of hunkering down, of going deep in intimacy with the Father. New levels of faith, new understandings, new knowledge of God, whatever God was doing in you. He was doing something in us. I mean, that's how He used it. He used it to settle us into a new place, bring us out of something, and drop us into deeper intimacy with Him. That's what I got out of it: I got a place of deeper faith, of more profound revelation.

Some countries are still in it. I just heard a couple of days ago Fiji is still struggling in lockdown. Nicaragua took longer than England or the States, but most countries are past that now.

How do we come out of a season of rest? God has been taking me to Deuteronomy 1:6-7a -

"You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Break camp and advance into the hill country of the Amorites" (NIV).

We were on a mountaintop, and we stayed there long enough. I could say we were there before Covid hit. Things were already mounting and changing. There's been a knowing that we don't have the majority voice anymore as believers, and we are shocked by that. We needed a change. We needed to be settled down. We needed an upgrade, and I think Covid allowed us to step into personal upgrades in our faith and relationships with people and God.

How do you come out of this season with a victory? It says in Deuteronomy 1:6-7 that you've been here long enough, so break camp. When I read that, I realized breaking camp is a transitional moment, and you must consider what you've gone through. So we've been in Covid where we had time to go into intimacy with the Father. There's this moment of breaking camp now. So what will help us advance into the upgrades, the new places, and the new era? I believe that you can't live tomorrow's faith on yesterday's God. It's not possible to live tomorrow's faith on yesterday's faith. We must take what we learned and gained, and the intimacy that we received from the Father during Covid, and now come out and apply that into our lives.

A good friend and fellow dyslexic prophet, Ron Martin, asked, "Of all the things in front of you today that require faith, what's the one that requires the most when you consider God finds pleasure in our steps of faith?"

We have been seeking this moment of coming out of this intense moment of Covid, a mountaintop experience with God. Where the enemy was trying to destroy, God created this place of intimacy with Him. Now we're coming out of that. We're coming off the mountaintop. We have to come back to our lives and return to face-to-face relationships. There's no road map to a new era. Many say people aren't coming into their church as much, and they wonder why. Well, check out my book "An Introduction to New Era" on Amazon, which will give you some basics on this issue.

It's not about leaving the church, the organized church. Guys, it's about God wanting to do something more significant on the Earth. It's bigger than all of us, and you can't make this stuff up. You can't make Covid up. You can't. It's there. It happened. And now, many of us stepped into this place of intimacy with the Father, and we want to express that, to release that, to let others know, and to understand how to do that. Of the things in front of you today that require faith, what's the one that requires the most when you consider God finds pleasure in our steps of faith?

I love Deuteronomy 1:8 because it says, "See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore he would give to your fathers" (NIV). Coming out of a mountaintop experience and back into the valley, you've got to take the land. What is the land He's asking you to take? What is it that faith built in you that now gets released?

It's good to come out of a season of quietness and rest, but we all have a voice. So let your voice be heard to those you influence with.

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