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Clear the Air - You’re Not the Only One

I think there's a common misperception about what Cultural Creatives are, especially related to the second word, creatives. That word is not related to art or music or any of those types of creative endeavors. The idea of Cultural Creatives is more based on the first word, which is cultural. It's about a subculture. So defining Cultural Creatives is not about what you do, but how you do life. It's based more on a value system than it is on the outcome of that value system. Art and those things are a part of you, but that's an outcome of who you are. You should listen to Simon Sinek's, The Golden Circle - that gives you a little more in-depth on that. Here's the deal, I've had so many people say, Cultural Creatives is about the creative arts or music. I just want to clear the air on that.

So, Cultural Creatives are one of three subcultures. This was discovered originally in 1995 by a sociologist and psychologist doing this study, and they found this third subculture. The other two subcultures are Traditionalists and Modernists. So, you have Traditionalists, Modernists, and now Cultural Creatives. They did a survey in 2000, so twenty-two years ago, and at that point, approximately 17% of our culture in America and in Europe were considered Cultural Creatives. I want to encourage you to go to Wikipedia, on Wikipedia look up Cultural Creatives. There you will find the characteristics and the values. I believe that you will then discover that it's not about the arts, it's about how you live life, how you look at life, how you see others, and how you see our world.

So we talked about how in 2000, 17% of our culture was Cultural Creatives. Then, the next survey was in 2008 and there were just over 35%, were Cultural Creatives in the US and Europe. I hadn't seen anything since then until I came upon this article in the Huffington Post. I want to share a short excerpt from that article that is very, very enlightening. The article is called “Cultural Creatives Are Changing the World.” It was updated on December 6, 2017, and it reads, "It was estimated that Cultural Creatives could now make up over half of the American population. This number may seem high to many of us because one thing Cultural Creatives have in common is the feeling of being alone in our values. We are not yet connected in ways that give us the common experience of changing the world together to reflect these values.”

I find this amazing in how true it is. There is a disconnect at this point between the Cultural Creatives because it's not a club, it’s not something you join, it’s something you are. So remember, Cultural Creatives it's not about arts and music and building something, but a value system that you carry within you.

And here, I want to read this one part again. “This number may seem high to many of us because one thing Cultural Creatives have in common is the feeling of being alone in our values.” That is so true. I have talked to literally hundreds and hundreds of people over the last fourteen years now, and if you don't know about my book “An Introduction to New Era” you can find it under Byron Easterling on Amazon. It's a short read, but it gives you a kind of history of where Cultural Creatives came from. It gives you a little about the subculture.

Now let me also explain just one thing quickly. I am a Baby Boomer; I will never be able to be a millennial. All of those: Millennials, Genx, GenY, GenZ, Baby Boomers, all of those they're aged based, you can’t change them. You are who you are in that. Those three subcultures: Traditionalists, Modernists, and Cultural Creatives are not age-based. You can be eight years old, and you can be eighty years old, these are value-based. They are based on how you look, see, perceive, and live life.

We are yet to find a way to gather. There are small groups starting to connect. In fact, that's what L'aventure is for me. It's a way for people to connect and collaborate and become friends. That's a high value for Cultural Creatives is relationship first. Building a relationship and from that can come projects, works, and businesses. L'aventure is one answer to beginning to develop a community of Cultural Creatives.

Over fifty percent of our society in America is now considered Cultural Creatives. There is all kinds of information on Wikipedia about Cultural Creatives. I really encourage you to take a read, it's a short read. So, thanks for being a part of L’aventure, and thanks for reading.

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