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Celebrate His Strength

Father, I want to celebrate in your strength. To remember how remarkable you are, that by your strength, all things are. It is sure, and it is absolute. It is an unconquerable force. There's no weakness in you, no frailty needing exercise to keep fit.

In you are boldness, valor, and all power. I can see my frailties, the weakness in myself, and oh, I wish, I wish I had the vastness to need no man or god. But I know only a bit of your vastness. A small portion holds the universe in order. You keep it in motion.

With one breath, one word, you create. That's your character, your capacity. No power in heaven or on earth can bind you. What rope can hold you? What prison has tried? Who can come behind you and bind your wrists?

This is the strength I am glad of, the strength that will not be denied. This is why I can say, "I rejoice in your strength Father."

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