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Asking the Right Question

I have a good friend named Gary Cockroft, who is an absolute genius at listening. Here's what I learned from Gary: when you listen, you're listening to hear the question that person hasn't asked themselves yet.

Does that make sense? You're listening to discover the questions they aren't asking that will lead them to their answer. Because I believe it's in them. I think it's in their mind, heart, or spirit. It's already in there, and it needs to be brought forth. And they've probably been asking the same question repeatedly, and every time they're hoping for a different response, and it doesn't come, they get blocked. A friend steps in and listens, just taking it in, and suddenly, you listen to those key phrases. And you can even ask, "So what are you asking? What is your question?" And by listening, you discover the shift in the conversation goes to helping them discover their great questions. It's fantastic, and it's fun.

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