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Am I Hearing God’s Voice?

Today's question is, how do you know if you hear God's voice? The real question behind this is how we know we are hearing God's voice, and not something I want to make up. Or maybe some outside force bringing something in that's causing us to think differently? So, how do you know if you're hearing God's voice properly? I get this question all the time throughout the years because every one of us, at some point in our life, struggles with this. I don't think you cannot struggle with it at some point if you're seeking and going after you the heart of the Father. I think the key is how I know if I'm hearing God's voice. Well, one, foundationally, it doesn't go against Scripture. It isn't anti-scriptural. It might not have scriptural words to it right, but it doesn't go against the principles of Scripture. That is so key and vital, I believe, in this scenario because that gives you some peace of mind knowing it's not standing against God's word.

The second for me is that it brings peace into your life, right? We have a Comforter that dwells within us. The Holy Spirit dwells in us and comforts us. He does not just comfort us when we feel pain, have emotional trauma, or are struggling with something, but in all aspects of our life, He brings comfort. I love that about the Holy Spirit: He is the Comforter. So let's say the Comforter is going to comfort you. To me, that brings peace. It brings rest of heart, mind, spirit, soul, and all our being. It brings us into a place of rest with God.

So, how are you hearing God's voice? One, does it go against the scriptures? No. Fantastic. Two, do you feel the peace of God? Even when things around are just rushing in and wreaking, having, internally, you think, "Yeah, I'm at rest in that." Check those things out. Thanks for reading.

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