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A Relational Dynamic

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

- Ken Blanchard


Mentoring, or advising, for me, has always been founded on a relational dynamic. In 1995, I began my first in this journey when I was invited to speak into the life of an international leader. (Read Broadsided in Pittsburgh)


What "Why me?" was my initial thought. What was drawing this leader to me? I'm not a counselor. I have no degrees to make me 'legitimate.'


In 1995, what I did have was nearly twenty years in ministry. That day began a new era for me.


This leader wanted answers and spent over an hour pouring out the problems and struggles he and the organization faced. I didn't have an answer but I had a question for him. These questions  are what I call, "The far better, mind-blowing, life-altering question." The question that opened his mind to a new perspective.


I am closing in on thirty years of mentoring across the faith, business, and government communities and forty-plus years in ministry.


Are you Looking for a connecting point? Someone to listen, discuss, and gain insight? Hit the Contact link below and let's have a chat.


I want to connect with you personally to answer any questions you may have and set a date for our first coaching moment.

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