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Karis Communities

caring for widows and single mothers

Build His House is dedicated to restoring hope for widows locally in the United States as well as internationally. As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to help improve the lives of widows and single mothers. Join us in creating real transformation in their world.

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the Karis Community vision.

The Karis Fund Story

BHH/Karis Fund Next Home Build

Homes We've Built in Nicaragua

Marcie's Home

Marcie had nothing, not according to our standards. You wouldn’t go camping in the home she lived in. Dirt floors, no front door, and walls with gaping holes that allowed water to pour in during the rainy season. But now she has a covered porch with a door, new walls, a window, and a solid foundation. Because of you, she is safe and secure.

final Marcie's home before & after.png

Regina's Rebuild

Regina’s roof was in shambles and the walls of her home were crumbling down. She was in desperate need of a safe place to live. Thanks to you, she now has a new foundation and new walls, a total rebuild where she is now safe and secure.

final Regina's home before & after.png

A New Home for Maria

Maria's previous home had open walls and dirt floors. When it rained, her bedroom would become a river of water. But thanks to generous support, this well-deserving widow now has a dry home that is safe.

final Maria's home before & after.png

A Place for Magdalena

Magdalena did not have a safe place to live. But now she has solid walls, windows, a foundation, and a front door; now she can live securely. Thank you for helping this well-deserving widow.

final Magdalena's home before & after.png
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