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Farm Project Nicaragua

From Poverty to Prosperity
Growing sustainable small farms in Latin America

In 2003, Byron invited five friends to join him on a tour of Nicaragua to meet with leaders nationwide to discuss his vision. A concept that would bring a Sustainable Agriculture Program to local communities. You can help more people build better crops, enterprise farms, stronger families, and generations free from poverty through your donation. The farm project began through friendship and continues as Nicaragua nationals are hands-on with training, equipping, and developing farms throughout Nicaragua.


Model Farms

are hands-on classrooms where we prove sustainable, less-chemical dependent small farm methods.

Training Centers

co-located with model farms, provide up to 50 local farmers a comprehensive program covering the full spectrum of agriculture and business skills needed for an enterprise farm. The program consists of four 6-month classroom modules.

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On-Farm Mentoring

brings the agronomists to farms where they coach farming methods and business practices.

Micro Loan Program

gives farm families capital to start cash crops such as chickens, peppers, tomatoes, passion fruit, papayas, and others with strong market demand.

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