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Crystal and I are building a community of people with the heart to mobilize the Church (city-wide) in their town or region. To help envision, equip, and mentor you into the full measure of your callings and purposes.



Throughout our forty-plus years of ministry, travels, and life together there has been a repeating pattern of favor. When I give the vision away - it becomes far greater than when I attempt to accomplish it by myself. 


Releasing others to see the Kingdom of God expand?


Kingdom Purpose

When the Father downloads a vision and through connections, conversations, and prayer, that vision becomes a seed planted in someone's life. Soon after, that seed takes on a life of its own. Growing and becoming all the Father intended for that vision to be. 


I Call This Envision

My vision in the mountain town of Boaco, Nicaragua in 2000 is a great example of this pattern. One night I woke with an insight, an understanding, a revelation of what Nicaragua was in the past, what it was at that moment, and what the Lord intended it to become. For three years I spent time seeking understanding, studying the history of Nicaragua, and praying what I was to do with this vision. 

My first reaction is to try and fulfill a vision on my own. Yet, every time I make this move, it falls short of what the vision seems to envelop. I had learned my lesson and decided to wait until 2003 when I invited several friends to join me in Nicaragua as I was to travel the country releasing this vision. For one week we traveled to several regions of Nicaragua sharing the vision with leaders and churches. It was well received and our team did a fantastic job. That in itself is a good story. The night before we left I was sitting with a good friend and cohort in ministry Leck Heflin. As the evening was coming to a close Leck confided with me that the Lord had laid on his heart to take on this vision and see it through. From that moment until now that vision has come to pass and is growing throughout Nicaragua. 


Our Heart

Over forty years, Crystal and I have advised and equipped leaders across the faith, business, and government sectors, igniting their potential. Our passion aligns with Ephesians 4:11-13, where these five gifts are called to equip believers for their unique giftings, callings, and ministries.


A Company of Sons and Daughters

As we have sought the Lord for a way forward, He has been connecting some amazing “dots” to utilize what He has given us over the years. Our heart is to build into the lives of others by releasing the visions the Father has placed in my spirit. To help envision, equip, and mentor those who desire to run with one of these visions. We want to challenge you as you look through the projects below. If one grabs your heart we want you to connect with us so we can have a conversation and offer to serve you as you step confidently into expanding the kingdom of God.


Our Times Include:

  • Personal mentoring

  • Connecting monthly to discuss questions and concepts you have

  • Connect you with others who can help move the vision forward

  • Help discover resources to move your vision forward

  • Connect with others every quarterly that we mentor and equip

Are you ready to impact His Kingdom?  Click the links below and read about opportunities. If you're ready to have a conversation click the link in the Contact box below the Visions section.


Crystal and I are looking forward to connecting with you on your journey.
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We want to connect with you personally to answer any questions you may have and hear your heart's desire. We do want you to know that we ask for a monthly gift to our nonprofit Build His House for the three months we are together. 

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