What is mentoring?

A link to wisdom...

The concept of mentoring is a link to wisdom, understanding and creativity. Mentoring opens the door for interaction on a one to one basis dealing specifically with how you look at life and moving outward from that point. Mentoring is not a book you read or a sermon you hear. 

Finding someone that you wish to enter into a mentoring relationship with is difficult. I have been mentoring for many years. I believe over the past 10 years my place in the process of mentoring has changed. I'm looking for people who truly want to take risk. Who want to step outside their comfort zones and ask the tough questions. That moment in your life when your dissatisfaction is greater than the cost you will pay. And you will pay.

But that's the point. You don't get there without paying something, somehow. The mentoring relationship helps you through these moments and often sees what you don't in the midst of the struggle. 

Interested? Want to connect and see if this works? Send me an email and we can chat. But know this is not free. This will cost you financially as well as time. This is not an inexpensive proposition. I'm going to ask you to do things you won't want to do. We're going to step into places you have never been before. So, lace up your boots and stretch a bit because this is going to be a good, long, enjoyable and life altering hike. 



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Change Equation

The Change Equation is one of three keys to fulfilling a dream in your life. It is simple but often very difficult to come to grips with. The equation is this;

Your dissatisfaction must be greater than the cost you will pay in order for you to make change.

Are you there? Then let's talk.