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It's been 40-plus years of traveling and ministering building kingdom friends. 

We're the Easterlings

BHH was founded on helping excellent works that create hope for widows, orphans, and the less fortunate. As we have traveled the world, meeting and building friendships with so many great people, we have discovered the programs they are providing. These are excellent people with God-given strategies to help and bring hope. ​You can follow the works we have built friendships with and give to their needs. Learn more about these adventures on his blog.

Build His House is a nonprofit 501.c3. Your gifts are tax-deductible. 



These projects are friends of BHH and receive 20% of new donations to BHH. Your gift changes lives by creating hope for those less fortunate than ourselves.


Pontis Nicaragua

Pontis Nicaragua walks side by side with the impoverished, rural farm families in Latin America, giving them practical tools and knowledge to work out of poverty.


Rob and Lydia Joy

Storming the Nations builds homes for widows and orphans in Malawi, Africa helping them escape poverty and restore their lives.

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