What Is The Adventurous?

The Adventurous is someone seeking the Father's heart and loves being in his presence. The Adventurous desires to help others win as well as walking into their greater purposes on the earth.

Why Be Adventurous?

The Adventurous is about finding a place to be encouraged, strengthened, and loved by the Father through Byron's music, teaching, and writings. A place to soak in God's presence and discover his deep love for you. 

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20% of each subscription goes directly to humanitarian projects.


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In Nicaragua, there is a farm project helping families move from poverty to prosperity by reclaiming the very soil of these beautiful people. 

We can help by collaborating so you can help change their world. We are looking for 250 new sponsors to BHH. Two hundred fifty new monthly sponsors will increase the training and production of farms for these families. For every new subscription, we give 20% per month to the project FUEL IT!

What an excellent opportunity for a minimal amount to bring an impoverished family into prosperity. 




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