About Byron

Connecting People With People and People To Purpose

My heart is to see people experience heart felt life giving moments. Developing relationship with those I enter into projects with has been a key to building globally. Building lasting friendships.  Along the way I've met the greatest people. Not what they do but who they are. I believe this is a far better avenue to creating and releasing kingdom projects. As well, I've had the opportunity to take risk in several arenas. 


In 2008, I authored, Dream Big Dream Often, and since have written well over 200 blogs based upon my spiritual journey. A new journal series, Love Notes from Dad, is a combined effort with Crystal. I've even been known for my story telling, which combines a warmth and joy, with spiritual authenticity.


You might remember that I spent over twenty years as a worship leader and working musician. Alongside my skill as a pianist/vocalist, I was able to arrange, compose and produce music for events such as, the Olympics (track and field), the opening sounds for the Miami Heat, and a variety of commercial and custom music recordings.


From 2008 – 2013, I took a challenge to pursue playing golf professionally joining several tours in the U.S. and Europe. This very likely is the most prophetic action I have ever taken. It spoke life into so many as I lived out God's call to pursue our kingdom identity.


Crystal and I founded Build His House (BHH), a non-profit 501.c3 focused on creating excellent housing for widows and single mothers. Together we serve on the boards of, and advise several international ministries including the anti-trafficking of women and children with Iris Cambodia  and Hope Refuge. We have extensions of our work in many nations including Nicaragua. It is there that I helped to establish a farm program based from a prophecy I received in 2000 to help families break out of poverty and have a life sustaining income on a farm that they own.

Married in 1981 we have one married daughter, a fabulous son-in-law and a joyful granddaughter and fast growing grandson. Presently we live in Camarillo, California.


I enjoy a variety of things outside my work with BHH. Music, comedy, golf, rugby but most of all the opportunity to sit together around a table with friends and new acquaintances enjoying a good meal, a good wine and discussing heart felt life giving topics.